Video Addis 06 Hawi 2: Separated Germany

Hawi, 12 Jahre, 5. Klasse, Äthiopien/Addis Abeba: Deutschland war in der Vergangenheit in zwei geteilt. Was waren die Gründe dafür, warum war das so?
Hawi, 12, 5th grade, Ethiopia/Addis Abeba: In the past Germany was split in two parts. What was the reason for that?


06A_Noel_Katherl_AT / 08.1_Noel_Katherl_AT
Hello, I am Noel and 11 years old. I would like to answer your question: There were four countries: France, United States of America, the United Kingdom of Britain and Russia. Russia occupied the eastern part of Germany. The other three countries occupied the western part of Germany. A wall was built to keep the people from fleeing from the east because it not as good in the eastern part as it was in the west.

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