Video Addis 04 Deribe: Carnival

Deribe, 11 Jahre, 4. Klasse, Äthiopien/ Addis Abeba: Habt ihr Karneval in Deutschland?
Deribe, 11, 4th grade, Ethiopia / Addis Abeba: Do you have carnival in Germany?


04A_Mischa_Deisenhofen_AT / 03_Mischa_Deisenhofen_AT
I am Mischa. I am 9 years old. Yes, we celebrate carnival but we call it „Fasching“ instead of „carnival“. The boys dress up as cowboy or pirate and the girls dress as princess or fairy. There are always a lot of children together and we dance to funny music and play games.


04B_Natalie_UH_AT / 05_Natalie_UH_AT
I am Natalie. I am 9 years old and we also have carnival here. It is called “Fasching”. On “Fasching” we masquerade as somebody else and play a few games. For example an eating contest or a contest about the best costume.


04C_Shalin_Katherl_AT / 15_Shalin_Katherl_AT
Hello, my name is Shalin. I am 11 years old and come from Germany. Yes, we have carnival in Germany. Parade floats with colourful decoration and different themes drive through the streets and throw sweets towards the people that watch. We also have a carnival ball for the lower grades. It is for fifth, sixth, and seventh grade. They meet in the afternoon, have a lot of fun and play a lot of games. We have a different theme every year. This year the theme was “Harry Potter”. Carnival begins on November 11 at 11:11 am and ends on Ash Wednesday, which has been on March 5th this year.

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