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What is the job a boy in Kenya dreams of? How does an Ethiopian girl come to her school every day? How does snow feel? And what do children in Germany actually wear when it snows? Children can hardly answer questions like these from their own experience. But they can ask – ask the children who do know the answer from their everyday live – far away on a completely different continent.

How it works

We connect questions and answers of school children from Germany and Africa. Not by writing letters or telling stories about the children but much more tangible by video message. Directly from one child to another. The children can see each other on video. To do this German children start by asking questions. The team of TapeTourAfrica then takes the clips to Africa to record the answers there. In the next step they take the questions of the African children back to Germany where it is the German children’s turn to give answers. The exchange of questions and answers fosters the understanding for the way of live in the other country. The information is perfectly suited for children as it comes from children. This broadens the intercultural horizon of the children in Germany as well as in Africa.


The Shooting

First the questions of the German children are recorded and edited into short video clips. Next they are translated by a native speaker and presented to the African children. Their answers are recorded and edited into clips again. The footage can be used in different TV formats, e.g. youth channels, children’s programs. Of course audio reports can be produced as well. A reason for reporting can not only be found during the actual event but also by the topics: Children, education, intercultural communication, partnership and friendship.

Afrika-Road_6511The Journey

This is the blog about how the children’s questions travel through Africa. This does not only focus on the video project but also on the events and impressions the travellers get during their tour in two vintage cars: Nissan Micra, built in 1986.

See their current position, updated every 10 minutes:

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