Video Meru 06 Isaac: What do you do?

Isaac, 8 Jahre, Kenia/Meru: Ich heiße Isaac, bin acht Jahre alt und komme aus Meru. Ich würde dich gerne fragen: Was machst Du so in Deutschland?
Isaac, 8, Kenya/Meru: My name is Isaac, I am 8 years old and come from Meru. I would like to ask you: What do you do in Germany?


06A_Yemin_Pfanzeltplatz_AT / 12_Yemin_Pfanzeltplatz_AT
Hello, I am Yemin, 9 years old and in class 3g. After school I go outside and play with my friends. Afterwards I read a book in my room. And then I go downstairs and watch TV. In Turkey I play with my cousin in Istanbul outside.


06B_Evelin_UH_AT / 08_Evelin_UH_AT
After coming home from school I eat something. Then I do my homework. Then I like to play football and during the holidays I like to swim and watch a Sunday movie in the cinema. For example “Maleficient”, the evil fairy that turns into a good fairy in the end.

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