Video Meru 05 Humphrey: Places to play

Humphrey, 7 Jahre, Kenia/Meru: Hallo ich bin Humphrey und ich bin 7 Jahre alt und wohne in Meru. Ich möchte wissen wo die Kinder in Deutschland eigentlich spielen?
Humphrey, 7, Kenya/Meru: Hello, I am Humphrey and 7 years old and live in Meru. I would like to know where children in Germany play?


05A_Carla_Deisenhofen_AT / 10_Carla_Deisenhofen_AT
Hello, my name is Carla and I am 9 years old. When the weather is nice we play outside. Girls often meet at public play grounds. On playgrounds you can find a swing, a slide, a sand pit, and a climbing frame. Boys go to a lawn an play football.


05B_Giannis_Pfanzeltplatz_AT / 07_Giannis_Pfanzeltplatz_AT
I am Giannis and 8 years old. When it rains I play in my room. When it does not rain I go to the playground with my friend and then we play. Sometimes I slide and sometimes I don’t. And then I play football and then I go home.


05C_Johanna_UH_AT / 01_Johanna_UH_AT
Hello, my name is Johanna. I am 9 years old. In Germany you play on public playgrounds and in your garden.

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