Video Meru 04 Edna: Games

Edna, 10 Jahre, 4.Klasse , Kenia/Meru: Mein Name ist Edna. Ich besuche die 4. Klasse, Ich bin zehneinhalb Jahre alt und ich besuche die Principal Academy. Ich will wissen, welche Spiele ihr in Deutschland spielt?
Edna, 10, 4th grade, Kenya/Meru: My name is Edna. I am in fourth grade, am ten and a half years old and i go to the Principal Academy. Which games do German children play?


04A_Hanna_UH_AT / 16_Hanna_UH_AT
I am Hanna. I am 9 years old. In Germany children play tag, hide-and-seek or “Free King” [“Königsfrei”, a variation of hide-and-seek where the children run to a defined spot after being found]. With “tag” one is the catcher and the others have to run away from him. If somebody is caught, he is the next catcher.


04B_Kevin_Deisenhofen_AT / 09_Kevin_Deisenhofen_AT
Hello my name is Kevin. I am 9 years old. We play tag or hide and seek, football or Ten-Twenty. Ten-Twenty works like this: One is the „counter“ and the other children hide themselves somewhere. The counter says „Ten-Twenty Kevin go“. Those who hide say „Ten-Twenty Kevin free“.


04C_Raffael_Katherl_AT / 14_Raffael_Katherl_AT
Hello, my name is Raffael and I am 11 years old. I explain you how we play “Hide and Seek” in Germany. It is a game where one of the children counts slowly up to twenty and the others hide somewhere. When the child has finished counting it as to search for the others. The one that is found first is the next one who does the counting. I hope you like my explanation. Many Greetings from Germany!

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