Video Meru 03 Joseph: Bible Friday

Joseph, 10 Jahre, Kenia/Meru:Mein Name ist Joseph, ich bin in der 5. Klasse und zehn Jahre alt. Ich wohne im SOS Dorf in Meru. Ich möchte gerne wissen, ob ihr – so wie wir – Freitag Abends auch ein Treffen habt, bei dem ihr gemeinsam aus der Bibel lest, singt und tanzt?
Joseph, 10, Kenya/Meru: My name is Joseph, I am in fifth grade an 10 years old I live in the SOS village in Meru. I would like to know whether you – like we – have a meeting on Friday evenings to read the bible together, sing and dance?


03A_Andrea-Sophia_Katherl_AT / 12_Andrea-Sophia_Katherl_AT
Hello, I am Andrea-Sophia and I answer your question whether we read the bible on Fridays. Where we live, Sunday is the day of rest. This is when Christians go to church together. Muslims have something similar on Friday, but with a Friday prayer. Catholics have something like this about every two weeks. Then children read the bible together and learn something about the bible. Many greetings from Germany!


03B_Marlon_Pfanzeltplatz_AT / 13_Marlon_Pfanzeltplatz_AT
My name is Marlon, 8 years old. My answer is: No, we do not have something like this in Germany. We have religious education if are Christians or muslims.


03C_Laurin_UH_AT / 04_Laurin_UH_AT
I am Laurin. I am 9 years old. We meet on Friday in church and there we read from the bible and sing a few times. It lasts about thirty minutes to one hour. I do not like it so much because you always have to sing and I hate singing.

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