Video Meru 02 Bonface: Life in Germany

Bonface, 9 Jahre, Kenia/Meru: Hallo ich bin Bonface, ich bin 9 Jahre alt und komme aus Meru. Ich spiele gerne mit Kindern. Wie leben die Kinder in Deutschland?
Bonface, 9, Kenya/Meru: Hello, I am Bonface, I am 9 years old and come from Meru. I like to play with other children. How do children live in Germany?


02A_Irina_Katherl_AT / 16_Irina_Katherl_AT
Hello, I am Irina and I am 11 years old. I answer the question, how we children live here in Germany. Actually it is different for every child but usually a week for us ist like this: We go to school from Monday to Friday in the morning. Afterwards, in the afternoon, it is different. Many meet with friends. Others have hobbies which they are active in or they do sports. On the weekend we don’t have to go to school. That is time off. We can do what we want. Some make day trips, others do something with their parents. It is simply different how this works for every child in Germany. But his quite an average course for every child.

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