Video Luxor 01 Rawan: Job

Was möchtest Du in Zukunft werden?
What job would you like to have later?


01A_Irina_Katherl_AT / 11_Irina_Katherl_AT
Hello, I am Irina and I am 11 years old. I’m going to answer the question about what job I want to have later. I do not really know it yet but at the moment my favourite professions are to become a teacher or doctor. As a doctor I would like to work with children because I like children very much. I like to treat somebody. I would like become a teacher because there are also children and I am good at handling children. I am happy to learn my favourite subjects again and teach many things to the children.


01B_Tara_Pfanzeltplatz_AT / 04_Tara_Pfanzeltplatz_AT
My name is Tara and I am 9 years old. In the future I want to be an architect because I simply like it very much to build houses.


01C_Tobias_UH_AT / 09_Tobias_UH_AT
My name is Tobias. I am 9 years old. The job of my dreams is race driver. Because race drivers are allowed to drive faster on the streets and they have beautiful cars. My idols are Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.


01D_Luis_Deisenhofen_AT / 05_Luis-Deisenhofen_AT
Hello I am Luis. I am 9 years old. I would like to become a pilot. As a pilot you sit in a plane and bring passengers to a differenc country. I would like to do this because I enjoy it.


01E_Mischa_Deisenhofen_AT / 06_Mischa_Deisenhofen_AT
I am Mischa. I am 9 years old. There are several different professions here. For example engineer, builder or other jobs. I want to become a Lego designer. To have a profession like this you have to be an adult and you get money for doing it.


01F_Eva_Deisenhofen_AT / 07_Eva_Deisenhofen_AT
Hello, my name is Eva and I am 9 years old. First I become a painter to earn money. Then I would like to become a veterinarian when I go to secondary school.

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