Video Arusha 02 Isaack: Culture

Isaack, 16 Jahre, Tansania/Arusha: Hallo ich bin Isaack, ich bin 16 Jahre alt. Am 13. April werde ich 17. Ich lebe im SOS Dorf in Arusha in Tansania. Was ich gerne von den deutschen Kindern wissen möchte ist: Erzähl mir was über Deine Kultur. Wie ist sie?
Isaack, 16 Jahre, Tansania/Arusha: My name is Isaack, I am 16 years old. I will turn 17 on April 13. I live in the SOS Childrens’s Village in Arusha in Tanzania. I want to know about your culture. How is it?


02A_Christoph_UH_AT / 13_Christoph_UH_AT
I am Christoph. I am 10 years old. We have a “colourful evening”. That is when the people from the village meet. The children perform sketches, songs and jokes. The school also contributes something. I have participated in a stage play. I was the electrician and wanted to set up the telephone. The service technician pretended the would make a phone call but this was impossible because the phone line was not set up. Usually two women organise this and it is a lot of fun.


02B_Noel_Katherl_AT / 08_Noel_Katherl_AT
Hello, I am Noel and 11 years old. I want to answer your question: We have a famous poet called Goethe. And for example also famous musicians: Ludwig van Beethoven and Mozart.

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