Video Addis 03 Meron to Luis, Deisenhofen: Meanings of names?

Meron, 11 Jahre, 5. Klasse, Äthiopien/ Addis Abeba: Frage an Luis, Deisenhofen: Was sind die Bedeutungen der Namen, die Du mir aufgezählt hast?

Meron, 11 years old, fifth grade: Question to Luis from Deisenhofen: What are the meanings of the names that you have mentioned?


03A_Luis_Deisenhofen_AT / 02_Luis_Deisenhofen_AT
Hello, my name is Luis. I am 9 years old. Typical names here have meanings like Charlotte – free man, Eva – giver of live, Pauline – the small one, Kilian – the church person, Luis – famous/loud.

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