Video Arusha 06 Robson: Hitler

Robson, 15 Jahre, Tansania/Arusha: Wie war das Leben damals, als Hitler an der Macht gewesen ist? Haben dir deine Eltern, deine Großeltern etwas von der Zeit erzählt? Wann wurde Hitler geboren und wann und wo und wann ist er eigentlich gestorben?
Robson, 15, Tanzania/Arusha: How was life when Hitler was in power? Have your parents and grandparents told you a little story about it? When was Hitler born and where and when did he die?


06A_Michelle_Katherl_AT / 04_Michelle_Katherl_AT
I am Michelle, 11 years old and live in Ingolstadt. Adolf Hitler, the former dictator of the German Empire, was born on April 20, 1889 in the town Braunau in Austria. He died on April 30, 1945 in Berlin. So he lived to the age of 56.
Almost everything that Hitler did was incredibly bad. For example one thing was his hate and racism against Jews and disabled people. So these people had to live in fear of their lives. Another bad thing also was for example his attack on Poland, with which he started World War 2. In the course of the war the Nazis and their helpers committed mass crimes and genocide by order of their leader Adolf Hitler. They killed about 500,000 mentally and physically disabled people and more than 6 million jews. In addition, Hitler was appointed to be Reich Chancellor on June 30, 1933. Within a few months he was able to remove pluralistic democracy, federalism and the constitutional state by using prohibition and emergency decrees. Political opponents were brought to concentration camps, tortured and then killed.

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