Video Arusha 04 Neema: After School

Neema, 15 Jahre, Tansania/Arusha: Wie verbringst du deine Ferien wenn die Schule geschlossen ist. Was machst du nach der Schule?
Neema, 15, Tanzania/Arusha: How do you spend your holiday once the school is closed? What do you do when school classes are over?


04A_Evelin_UH_AT / 08_Evelin_UH_AT
After coming home from school I eat something. Then I do my homework. Then I like to play football and during the holidays I like to swim and watch a Sunday movie in the cinema. For example “Maleficient”, the evil fairy that turns into a good fairy in the end.


04B_Antonia_Deisenhofen_AT / 04_Antonia_Deisenhofen_AT
My name is Antonia and I am 9 years old. After school I first do my homework. On some days I have music lessons or physical education. Otherwise I play with friends. When the weather is good we play outside or go to the public swimming pool. When the weather is bad I play inside. My favourites are Lego and Playmobil. When school is closed I make holidays with my whole family. Sometimes we go abroad, for example to Italy, Greece, Spain or Austria.

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