Video Addis 07 Adissu: Education

Adissu, 8 Jahre, 2. Klasse, Äthiopien/Addis Abeba: Wie ist bei Dir der Zugang zur Bildung und zur Schule? Bildung ist für alle Kinder das Wichtigste. Man muss sehr gut in der Schule sein – gerade weil Bildung für uns sehr wichtig ist.
Adissu, 8, 2nd grade, Ethiopia/Addis Abeba: How is your access to education and school? Education is the most important thing. You have to be very good at school – especially because it is so important for us.


07A_Lisa_Katherl_AT / 02_Lisa_Katherl_AT
Hello, my name is Lisa, I am 11 years old and from Etting. Currently I visit a grammar school because had very good grades in primary school. In grammar school we write have our final examinations after 8 years. With this you can later go to university. We also have type of secondary schools where you write final exams after 6 years.

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